Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

It's off to the annual pilgrimmage tomorrow ... the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, where I, my staff, and several thousand of my closest friends convene to learn about all things dental.  It really is very cool.  Lectures are given in morning and afternoon sessions on myriad new techniques, materials, and equipment.  Immediately after hearing the lectures, we have the opportunity to go down to the exhibition hall and actually get to work with these materials and equipment in a hands-on environment.  It's a wonderful way to screen the wheat (really great advancements) from the chaff (well-marketed products of dubious utility and quality.)

In addition there are discussions and presentations on issues of ethics, politics, and economy. Like it or not these discussions are as much a part of the delivery of healthcare as the technology, especially in these trying economic times.  It is incumbent on a prudent and caring dentist to screen not only products of dubious value, but to find ways to make the delivery of excellent care as affordable and safe as possible.  Above all, the quality of care must remain our paramount focus.

I will be out of the office these few days but as always you can reach me for emergencies on the number given on our outgoing message at 206-842-7100.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to learn in this positive environment, and to be able to bring that learning back to benefit you, my loyal patients!


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